17th Edition Mock Exam Questions

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Without the 17th Edition qualification, you will find it difficult to gain employment at a reputable electrical company within the UK. As this course is so important to the future careers of electricians, it makes sense to prepare for the exam as rigorously as you would for a college degree test. This is where the 17th edition mock test comes into play. We offer you free mock tests to help you understand the kind of questions you will face while giving you essential practice. Practise makes perfect and the 17th edition test is no different. As the 1st amendment has been published recently, make sure you take the right mock tests to prepare.

Benefit From Online Tests

The mock 17th edition tests we offer online are an essential tool in your quest to successfully pass the exam. It is important to note that the old version of the 17th edition exam was replaced by a new one since the 1st amendment come out. Unlike a host of other websites that have old questions, we offer updated. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, if you don’t get enough practice with mock test questions based on BS 7671, you will be short-changing yourself. This is a dangerous game to play when your very future might be at stake.


Experts suggest that there are several different areas to focus on when it comes to preparing for the 17th edition exam. Knowing what to expect with the aid of mock tests is an essential component. It is also important to learn more about question categories, question answering techniques and video preparation. It goes without saying that you should aim to arrive at least 15 minutes early on test day. If you are even a minute late, strict test centres may not allow you to sit the test and you will not receive a refund. Two forms of identification are also required and if you are a native of a country outside the UK, you must show your passport or EU country ID card.

The Exam

The actual exam is relatively straightforward and involves answering questions on a computer screen as they appear. You will be dealing with multiple choice questions. Some test centres give you the option to sit a practice session; another good reason to turn up early. Multiple-choice questions are the order of the day and most questions will offer four different answers with only one correct solution. As the 17th edition is an important exam, it is treated with the utmost respect and applicants are not allowed to use any external aids other then BS 7671. Mobile phones and other personal possessions can be stored securely away in lockers provided by the testing centres.

If you refuse the opportunity to take mock 17th edition tests, you are automatically reducing your chances of success. No one fails the17th edition exam because of too much preparation so start taking mock tests today!